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Don't You Know it's a Perfect World
Don't You Know
It's a Perfect World

Sarah Shapiro

Editor of anthologies, mother, artist ,
ba'alat teshuvah and journalist.

Sorrows ,sickness and bliss. Angry taxi drivers,
supreme contentment & the shadow of nuclear holocaust.
A perfect world ?

Price £12.00
A Gift Passed Along
A Gift Passed Along
Sarah Shapiro

The book sings with joy of being a torah Jew in Eretz Yisrael,
even in a time of terror and tension. She walks th streets of Jerusalem
and sees the sights the rest of us do, but she sees meaning  beneath
the mundane details of everyday life.

Price £17.00
Of Home and Heart
Of Home and Heart
Sarah Shapiro

Looking at their hopes and dreams, their challenges and .struggles
their newly discovered opportunities along well - trodden paths to growth
and fulfillment, responses to old challenges and pitfalls-- in stirring prose,
and soaring poetry, thoughtful essays and provocative discussions,
bittersweet memories and beckoning aspirations

Price £14.00
South African Journeys
South African Journeys
A novel by Gita Gordon

This book tells the amazing saga of Lithuanian Jews who fled progroms
for refuge in a faraway land--South Africa.
Leaving the shtetl in the early 1900's, they battled to preserve  their
precious Torah heritage on a dark continent, spanning
the generations and adventures, to the 1980's in modern Israel
and a miraculous climax.
Price £15.50       
City On Fire
City on Fire
Compiled and edited by Sorah Shapiro

September 11--23 Ellul 5761
Background, Stories,  and Torah Insights

Price £16.00         

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