IN a unique combination of prose and poetry the author sets to trace the trials, tribulations, and remarkable achievements of the jewish people in the face of adversity- beyond 2000 years ago and into modern times.

NATHAN LEMEL, a comparatively new writer, is well-versed in Jewish history from biblical times and up to the present.

THIS WORK was written primarily for the jewish person out of touch with Judaism, or for someone of jewish descent. It is meant to highlight the disservice shown to Judaism and the Jewish people; a Jewish people still living and hopefully well, but in need of adjustment in the place of their birth and origin.


WHEN you compare the pin-prick that is Israel today nearly cut in two (the West Bank - ancient Israel) with the Moslem entity and land-mass, it is less than one-tenth of one percent (one in a thousand).

The Populations - Five million Jews in Israel with a total of approx.fifteen million Jewish people worldwide; the Moslem and Arab populations perhaps over 2 billion in total, with Jews much less than one percent (one in a hundred). then you can judge fairly the Intifada and the need for the Jewish people to find itself, and for a sanctuary in its own Homeland, without any obstacles. Meanwhile, nitty-gritty judgements are made against Judaism, the Jew and Israel at the severest level. What is expected of us?
"Hath not a Jew eyes?..." The Merchant of Venice - Act III SceneI

Author: Nathan Lemel ..............Paperback only.............£6.90



From an author with an original approach to

prose and poetic composition

Author: Nathan Lemel

Paperback only



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